It’s almost Christmas. In case you were thinking of looking for the star that shined so brightly in the sky to guide Mary and Joseph, you might not find it on Christmas Day as Dec. 25 – not actually the calendar day that Christ was born. Hollywood sheds light on a new star on Dec. 25 with the introduction of the soon-to-be hit movie Dreamgirls.

The world will receive its second opportunity to meet Chicago native Jennifer Hudson and share in the miracle of her voice. Move over Beyonce, head home to Texas because Chicago has arrived in the form of a girl who can soulfully belt out to the world, “You’re going to love me” and make that statement come true. Welcome Jennifer Hudson to the big time.

Hudson received her first introduction to fame in 2004 on the worldwide hit television show American Idol. One of the finalists, she was eventually booted from the show after a blackout in Chicago, which seemingly influenced the vote and was responsible for the diva being ousted from the show.

After Idol, Hudson returned home but did not sulk. She embraced the opportunity the show offered her, performing and taking other jobs that broadened her scope in the entertainment industry.

Hudson soon received an invitation to try out for the role of Effie White in the upcoming Dreamgirls movie. Hudson was chosen for the role, beating out veteran actors including American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. Alongside an all-star cast it must be, for Hudson, the role of a lifetime. It took a lot for Beyonce Knowles to reach the status of starring in such a dynamic role, but all it took for Hudson was a little charisma and a dynamic voice to be chosen to play the part of Effie White.

For Chicago, this role is about more than just having a ‘sista-girl’ from around our way in Hollywood. This is an opportunity for a Chicago native to remind Hollywood about its roots and where the talent, drive, and love of entertainment grew outward toward the sun of Hollywood, California.

This movie is already being dubbed a winner with talk of nods from the Screen Actors Guild SAG and buzz of Oscar nominations for Hudson as well as fellow star Jamie Fox, a previous winner for his portrayal of the legendary Ray Charles in Ray (2004), and Eddie Murphy, an industry veteran who has never received the coveted Oscar.

For those unfamiliar with the movie’s premise, it explores what happens when three women form a group and one leaves, for reasons of ego or money or both, to form a group where only she is the star. The production is based on the life and career of the talented Diana Ross and also, more relevantly, also mirrors the career of lead character Beyonce Knowles.

Trust and betrayal are a theme that runs through this movie as friendships are made and broken in the fast-paced world of Hollywood entertainment.

Hudson proves, like Kanye West -the great rapper and producer from the ‘Chi’- that when a Chicago native steps onto the Hollywood scene they’re guaranteed to make a big splash and leave an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of entertainment seekers.

Make sure you don’t miss attending Hudson’s debut and help make this movie a No. 1 hit at the box office on the holiday weekend. And look for her CD to be released on Clive Davis’ label in 2007.


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