Austin Town Hall
5610 W. Lake (Austin African American Business Networking Association Kwanzaa Celebration)

Chevonne R. Collins
“My New Year’s resolution is to be mentally more on top of my financial situation. Also, try to make more money, be more careful with my money and make sure things are moving forward. I realize as a young person how important it is to be financially stable.”

Ken Robinson, owner of Columbian Life Insurance Co., 5963 W.Madison
“Being a newly opened business in the Austin area, my New Year’s resolution is to assist the black community in empowerment by using insurance. This empowerment, I hope, will bring economic stabilization and financial security to our community.”

Tony Safo
“My New Year’s resolution is to be healthy, prosperous, educate the community in anyway I can and to work smart.”

Shalita Pendleton
“My New Year’s resolution is to be at peace with the things I cannot change, because God granted me with the wisdom to know the difference between the two.”

Lisa Nix
“To do my part in the community; help the community become a more economically-stable and more prosperous. We can all make a difference by helping those who are in need, those who are unhappy, and often these efforts are not financial. But caring for someone might fulfill an inner need.”

Shirley G. Scott, wife of Austin Academy principal Anthony Scott:
“My New Year’s resolution is to continue to instill the importance of education in our children.”

Luther Johnson
“My New Year’s resolution is to get Last Glance.Com up and running this year, to make an impact and provide service for those who need my business. It’s a online obituary service design for people who can’t travel or make funerals.”