Abe Parker
“I certainly don’t because it is not doing us any good. The troops that are there need to be brought home.”

David M. Hoover
“My response is: I will support the efforts of our nation and support those we choose to support.”

Hector Gamboa
“No I don’t support President Bush sending more troops. It’s not going to do any good. We don’t need to escalate the war. We need the troops home now.”

Lillian Castro
“No, I do not support sending more troops – bring them all home. We’ve had enough deaths and we don’t need anymore. It’s not doing a thing but costing people’s lives.”

Bill Dale
“No, because it will put more people in danger, and they haven’t made up their mind exactly what they want to do. I would support it if they are going there to secure and make them safe. If you got 10 people fighting and you send 500, they will not resist. But if you only send 2000 and put them in the wrong place, that puts the troops in danger.”

Mark Sanders
“Right now, it’s a very controversial situation because we want to have success over there in Iraq, and at the same time we want the troops to come home. It’s a tough decision or position to be in. I just hope for a speedy resolution to the whole situation.”