Among the important information provided, Rigsby also mentioned these important tips:

Only the Department of Children and Family Services can grant you a license

The home must have a first-aid kit

The kitchen must have a operating fire extinguisher and a flashlight in working order

There must be at least one operating smoke detector on every floor level, including basements and occupied attics.

The home should be free from safety hazards including strings on blinds (which should be out of reach) open electrical sockets (which should be covered) and bathroom cleaners (which should be placed on a shelf out of reach)

If children are being cared for at night, a bed, crib or cot, and individual linen and bedding, must be provided for each child. A double bed must be a minimum size for sleeping two children of the same sex

If child care will take place in the basement it should have at least two exits. One of those exits can be a window as long, as it is no more than four feet off the ground and not obstructed by bushes and greenery

For more information on the seminar, call 312/850-7176