Leslie Speicher
“I think, perhaps, he should wait a little bit until he makes his own decisions about what he is going to do. I think a little bit more time in between major decisions would be a good idea. It’s a tricky thing – you have to kind of play the game and go with the flow, while at the same time you have to stand your ground. So, if he really feels like he needs to support him, that’s good.”

Rashid El Arin
“It was a very serious mistake on the part of Sen. Obama to endorse Mayor Daley because Mayor Daley has a very corrupt administration.”

Lynada Mahone
“Well, I think it is all just politics, and the senator is doing what he thinks is best for his presidential run.”

Walter H. Washington

“It’s an interesting time in politics in this country. At the moment, we have for the first time, a very viable presidential candidate. We have a number of spots up for election in the local area, and that all impacts the African American community. It’s important that the African-American community become involved in these political situations and candidacy and vote in a way that they think is best for their communities.”

Rev. Jim Allen

“I think his endorsement was a political one because he is going to need the mayor’s connections. He’s going to need the mayor’s finances to run his campaign. I don’t think it was racial or anything like that. I think it was just political. The mayor has more resources and finances to help his campaign.”