Anthony Kemp
“I believe that the service cuts that are projected for Cook County and Provident Hospital should not go into effect. A lot of people need their jobs because of the high unemployment rate in the state of Illinois, and Cook County is the biggest county in the state. This is very important for those who don’t have adequate health care and who can’t afford to go to some of the more expensive hospitals because their insurance doesn’t cover them.”

Sherice Murrell
“In regards to the cutbacks by (Cook County Board President) Todd Stroger, I say no, he should not do the cutbacks due to the fact that it would increase the wait time. At the county hospital, they are already waiting two and three days, or two or three weeks for medication. It will increase the wait time to longer than that if they don’t have suitable employment. It will also increase the unemployment rate. If they would cut back on the higher ups, then maybe the people who are in danger of losing their jobs can stay.”

Jesse Brown
“I don’t think they should cut at the county because there are too many people waiting down there. I had a friend who got shot and had to wait down there. They put him in the hallway-they shouldn’t do that. They should cut those higher people, not the homeless and people who don’t have any benefits.”

Michael Burton
“I don’t think there should be cuts because health care is what people need. It’s hard to provide health care throughout the county. I think cutting the top salaries would make up the 17 percent. In the black community, we need our health care-it’s important to us and essential to everyday life. I prefer they cut the big executive budgets rather than cut the little people out.”

Betsy Wickliffe
“No, I don’t think they should cut the budget by 17 percent. I think that it would be better off if they get more people working and not have so many supervisors. We can’t afford this, especially in the black community.”

Ernest Brooks
“To make the cuts of 17 percent as far as it pertains to a poor person, I feel that’s highway robbery.”