Jendayl Ibura
“I think he’s just saying that for political reasons. I don’t believe any of that. He just wants our vote and probably, because he’s black, he thinks we’re ignorant enough to give it to him. As for the troops, I think the war should stop immediately. I think they should come home, like tomorrow or yesterday.”

BaHerm Meniooh
“Well, considering his position, I think in politics – generally- it is about the manipulation of the general public’s emotions, so he’s going to say what the public wants to hear. Regardless to what happens with the troops, he does not have any say so in that. The troops should have never went there in the first place. As far as them coming home, they aren’t coming home until the government feels it is time, which will be when they feel like they have accomplished what they want to accomplish.”


Thomas T. Weathersby
“Well, I believe Mr. Obama’s statement – to bring the troops home once he gets into office. We as a people should have him live by his word because his word is his bond. And to me, when you give your word, you’re giving your word to God. So once you get into office do what God put on your heart, Mr. Obama. I think the troops should come home today. I find it mind-boggling that George W. Bush is taking out trillions of dollars to support a war on terrorism. He should not put it toward the war on terrorist because the people in New Orleans need that money. He told the people in New Orleans that he would not forget them, and he did not live up to his word. The people in New Orleans, and all across the world, should go to Congress and say ‘Hey Mr. Bush, you did not live by your word. You claim to be a Godly man, yet you’re acting like Satan.'”

Tony West
“First of all, Obama hasn’t done enough in the international area or the local area for me to show that he has enough support to back up what he says. Of course, I don’t like the party he’s representing, the Democratic Party. These statements about the troops, I would have liked to see him do something in the black community first before talking about other countries. We have things that go on here in our country -deal with the troops here. I don’t know, maybe I missed it. Maybe he did say something about Louisiana [and] the Katrina thing. I don’t know what his statements are on that. We should take a look at what we are doing domestically before you can promise what you’re going to do for us internationally, let alone globally.”

Lady Boczeon
“That man is playing games. The whole idea of war is nothing but a waste of time, energy, effort and lives. It is unnecessary, and it’s a poor excuse for why we continue to have scarcities because the country only allows us to spend money only on destruction -never on development. We have an ignorant mind-set that is running the world. Obama, praise the Lord; that man can get along on earth in harmony and peace by being of a loving higher energy and spirit. The troops should have never been there, so they should have came home yesterday.”