The mayor is doing the same thing South Africa did when they saw that the people of color were going to gain political power. They privatized everything they could to make sure when blacks gained political control, the so-called whites would still have control of all city jobs in South Africa.

I consider Mayor Harold Washington as the best mayor of Chicago for all of our citizens regardless of race, creed or color. I consider Mayor Richard Daley the best mayor Chicago has ever had for the so-called whites. My opinion comes from what I see him doing. There never has been a time in Chicago where there was a need for blacks to come together and see what we can do for ourselves -among ourselves- than now.

We must start immediately thinking of how we can produce the food we eat; how we can make the clothes we wear and how we can build and repair the homes where we live.

We must start thinking of how we can take care of our health in order that we won’t be dying so fast; how we can get more people to shop where it will create jobs for blacks; and how we can survive without totally depending on others.

Many people criticized Bill Cosby when he said the condition of blacks is not all caused by what others are doing to keep us down. He said that a lot of our conditions are due to what we are not doing to get up. I agree.

We must be determined that in the future, life will be what we make it.

Dr. Webb Evans
President, United American
Progress Association