1. Who was the first black admiral of the Naval Academy?

2. Who was the first black graduate of West Point?

3. Who was elected the first black mayor of Los Angeles?

4. What year was civil rights leader Medgar Evers murdered?

5. Name the first black neurosurgeon in the United States.

6. What type of jazz did Dizzy Gillespie perform: Ragtime, Fusion, or Bebop?

7. Whose scientific experiments helped to develop a drug to treat glaucoma, a disease of the eye?

8. Which historically black college was the first to establish undergraduate, graduate and professional schools?


Answers from last week:

1) Adm. J. Paul Reason

2) Henry Ossian Flipper in 1877

3) Tom Bradley in 1973

4) 1963

5) Alexia Irene Canada in 1984; also the first black woman neurosurgeon

6) Originated the bebop sound, but performed various jazz styles

7) Percy Julian

8) Howard Theological Seminary, now known as Howard University, in 1867