Jeanine Daugherty

“It would be Eve from the Garden of Eden. I would be interested to know what was going through her head and how was she able to coerce Adam into doing what she wanted him to do.”

Sylvia Halbert

“Two people come to mind. Frederick Douglass would be one, and Nelson Mandela. The reason for Frederick Douglass is to find out more about history concerning African Americans and history in general. I think it is so important for our youth to know that there is a whole lot of ignorance going around, and a lot of stories I think we’re still not told. I would also choose Mr. Mandela because of the things he went through, and he’s not bitter. How do you overcome that? I’m going through challenges currently in my life. I don’t want to be bitter. I’m really working on that. Mr. Mandela’s is good example to follow.”

Risha Abston

“If there was one individual I could sit down with and have a conversation with I think it would be Gandhi. He was an individual who made a monumental difference in the world. He was a individual who had a vision and purpose. All by himself he made a huge contribution to the world, and I think all great contributions to the world start with just one person. I would like to get some insight on what it took for him to be that change in the world, so I can be that change in the world.”

Darnell Myles Jr.

“Denzel Washington because of the way he carries himself, the things that he did to become famous, and for his work in the community. He sets an example for youth by working with them.”

Petter Kerizareth

“I would like to sit down and have dinner with Frederick Douglass. The reason being because he was a great writer and historian. He talked about what went on during slavery, and he was one my favorite persons in history I learned about in high school. I was able to become an honor student and studied hard like he did. I graduated from Evanston Township School.

Tamica Head

“If given the opportunity, I would have dinner with Jesus Christ. I would love to entertain my Lord if given the opportunity. I would love to converse with my Lord. I would like the answers to the many questions that I have. I believe he would entertain me and answer them. Questions like, why do people have envy or mistreat others.?”