In order to receive God’s promise, first, we must show more love for one another by our actions. It is not an indication of love when we spend most of our money with the offsprings of those who lynched our ancestors, and some who would do the same to us now if they thought they could get away with it.

Ten blacks, according to some studies, are being killed for every one white. Most are killed by blacks. That would not be if we loved each other more. We must do a better job in training our children the way they should go. If we did, we would have more respect from our children, more would stay in school until they are educated, and more would prepare themselves for a business life. That would enable us to own most of the businesses in our community, and we would have a cleaner neighborhood.

We can never spend most of our money with our people until we own most of the businesses in our community. Blacks are spending more money with the people who are planning to destroy us than we are spending with ourselves.

There are many changes that must take place in the black churches. There are too many of us in the pulpits trying to get people to see who we are instead of getting people to see who God is. Every time we get behind the pulpit it should be about getting people to accept God as their savior. But instead, there are many church leaders who are more concerned in getting their members to continue to accept them as pastor than they are in getting people to accept God as their savior. While we tell people about life after death, we must tell them more about how to have a better life before death. The greatest promise God made to mankind is eternal life with him after death. But almost 99 percent of all the promises made in the Bible are for us on earth. Most are based on what we do to get them. The big question we all should ask ourselves – what am I doing to get what God promised?

Webb Evans