Pastor Gloria Brooks
“My preference will be that it remains the same. That way, we could conserve a little more energy. Plus, not only does it interfere with your bills, but gives you an advantage of trying to stay consistent. When the time changes, it brings an inconsistency.”




Delores Riddle
“I think it should stay daylight savings time. For me, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. So if it stayed consistent, either way, it’s light when I leave and light when I come home. That would give you more time to be out and enjoy the daylight.”


Jesse McKinnie
“It don’t make any difference, although I was late getting to church when it changed.”


Evelyn Glover
“Well, actually I would like to see it stay standard because for one thing I enjoy the morning when I get up. The sun is up already and it starts my day. I have a zest and a zeal to really get going. If the time changed, it wouldn’t be like that for me. I like for it to stay standard so that I can enjoy most of my day. I’m going to tell you why; because the sun gives me a push. I can get that my whole outlook on the day, and work is so much better. I can greet my boss with ‘hey how are you?’ I guess I’m one of those people who the psychologist say ‘if the weather is gloomy I’m really down.’ So if the sun is out, it helps me get into a better mood.”


Evelyn Glover
“I like the early-morning daylight. Hopefully, it will save on the electric bill because the way they are doing us, Peoples Gas and Commonwealth Edison is sticking you up without a gun. Now, they’re asking for a raise, and my last bill was $504. You know that is ridiculous and now they want a raise.”



Gloria Jennings
“It’s all right with me. It can stay the same. ”

Juanita Berry
“During daylight savings time, I’m able to, do a little bit of gardening and have time to do extra things around the house. In the winter time you’re usually indoors. So having the opportunity to be outside is kind of nice.”