On the last day of Women’s History Month (March 31), Hope Community Advent Christian Church, 5900 W. Iowa, held its annual community prayer breakfast.

Glenda Jenkins, chairperson for the breakfast, said this is an annual event and there is no charge. “This is an outreach ministry, and we hope to bring women out from the community who can get saved and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We are here to educate and be a helping hand to women in our community,” said Jenkins.

Special guest pastor was Mary Ester, whose spirited sermon brought women young and old to their feet. Pastor Ester spoke about the important roles women play in the world as mothers, wives and nurturers.

Young women from Sisters House on Washington Boulevard were in attendance and judging by their reaction, many were filled with the spirit of Pastor Ester’s sermon.

Praise dancer Jasmyne Portee had the audience applauding throughout her performance.

The women responsible for the breakfast were Berneice Porter, Evangelism Department chairperson; Shirley Jenkins, Prayer & Guidance; Glenda Jenkins & Pamela Lefaire, breakfast co-chairpersons; Renee Portee, Tasha Bounds, Mary Phillips, program coordinators; Earnestine & Nicole Wheeler, flyers/bulletin; Glenda Jenkins, Carol Gammon, menu planning; and Sonya Spiffer, decorations. The committee extended a special thanks to Latrice Hampton for her assistance.