Tanya Harris
“I think the case should remain open. I think they should keep on pursuing justice. You can never give up on God. God is always in control, and they should keep this case open and give some closure to this family.”


Suzette Porter
“It should remain open, and any witnesses should brought forward. The lady Emmett Till allegedly whistled at should be made to come forward since she is still living.”


Diamond Portee, 12 years old
“Yes, it should stay open.”


Dale Kinnard,church Organist
“I think it should remain open. I don’t think the case has been solved yet.” (Kinnard is organist for the Hope Community Advent Christian Church.)


Louise Kinnard
“I think it should remain open until justice is served.”


Darrius Williams, 12 years old
“I say it should remain open.”


Sydney Epting, 11 years old
It should remain open. My parents have talked to me about this terrible case.” (Sydney is the daughter of Rev. Steve Epting, pastor of Hope Community Church.)