What the hell are they thinking? That was my first response to hearing that our state representatives had just voted to approve a measure to give illegal immigrants a way to drive legally. Never mind that they entered the country illegally.

Never mind that to work in this country they are using someone else’s identity. Never mind that if they are getting paid in cash, they are avoiding the very taxes we all pay to maintain the roads. Our state representatives, who are supposed to not only uphold the constitution of the United States as well as our own State of Illinois constitution have decided that it is in the best interest of the state to allow illegal immigrants a driving certificate.

As you can tell, I have very strong opinions about illegal immigration. Illegal is illegal. But I also resent that 30 years ago, all we ever heard from the government was about zero population growth. The government constantly was telling us about only having 1-2 children. We were told about overpopulating the country as well as the strain on our government as it had to deal with more and more people. We were told by the city about the overcrowded schools. All the messages sent to me as an American citizen by the government, both state and federal was about my accountability, my responsibility and my actions. So the federal government’s inaction in regards to an estimated 12-20 million people (I personally believe the number is 40 million, based on all the people who fly in and never leave) deciding to come into this country-our laws be damned-irks me no end.

About a year ago, I got a letter from the Secretary of State’s office. The letter told me my driver’s license was being suspended. My crime? They wanted to see proof of insurance. Otherwise, I would be a criminal, assessed a $1,000 fine, have my license plates suspended and threaten me with jail time. All because they claim I had failed to respond to a previous request for this proof of insurance. Truthfully, I don’t believe I ever got the first request. It would make sense to mandate that proof whenever you go in to renew your plate sticker. But the state’s second request sure got my attention. Who wants to pay a $1,000 fine? If the police stopped me and my license plates were suspended, then I could go to jail. So I abided by the rules and laws that the state had put into place.

I contacted my insurance agent and explained what was going on. They quickly sent the state the information that I did have insurance. In fact, I have very good insurance. A quick review of my policy finds me paying for all the standard features, including one that came to mind when I learned our state representatives wanted to license people who are in this country illegally.

First and foremost is the question of national security. I understand how someone can buy a car without a license. You can buy cars from people all over town. But I wonder how come our state representatives weren’t questioning how someone can get plates without a license? I mean I was almost thrown under the jailhouse for the crime of not sending the state proof of my insurance and now you have an estimated quarter of a million people driving in Illinois without a license, but with license plates and therefore no insurance! So rather than doing their jobs and investigating and holding accountable people who are in actual violation of the law, our state reps have decided to legalize an illegal activity. I’ll be damned!

Many people, if they carry full-coverage insurance also have to pay for a wonderful feature called “uninsured/underinsured motorist.” Yup. One of the privileges I have is to pay because there are people who are driving without insurance or with very little insurance. And that coverage amounts to around $300 a year in premiums for both cars. Now just who are those folks who could be driving without insurance?

Well a quarter million of them immediately came to mind. And since our state reps want to give them the opportunity to get licensed, well it only seems fair for them to approve a measure to make insurance companies selling policies in the state of Illinois offer the “uninsured/underinsured motorist” coverage at no charge. Why? Because with the licensing of those illegals, whom the state reps claim will go out and buy insurance for their cars, who is left to be an “uninsured/underinsured” motorist?

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