Mariah Luster

“I think there aren’t enough good police officers. I looked on the news and a police officer had beat a woman up behind a bar. Personally, I think that was wrong. Maybe a new police chief will be better. We need somebody responsible. It doesn’t matter what color we are, we just all should be equal.”


Darren Dotson Sr.

“I think they should get someone from the outside. They may do a better job than the guy that is in there now. If not, it will be business as usual.


Darren Dotson Jr.

“Me personally, I can only hope that it will get better. I think if we open more youth clubs to get more people in, I think that would be much better. It would at least get us off the street for an hour or two a day. And who knows what can happen in that hour or two – it can change someone’s whole life. Like me personally, I’ve been out there in the streets. I’ve been shot at, but I changed my life. I’m in the U.S. Army now. I’m home for Easter, [and] the only place I’ve been deployed to so far is South America. In July, we deploy for Iraq. I’m not trying to be a recruiter, but by me joining the Army, I think that was the best thing I did. It kept me off the streets. I’m 20 years old, and learning to be a better person everyday.”


Xavier Miller

“I think the police is not going to improve because they are out here doing the same thing as these kids. I feel sorry for these young boys out here these days because how is hanging on the corner going to help their lives? They need to go to school and get an education.”


Dannie Thompson

“Well, I believe it’s the best man fitted for the job. If they got somebody already in there that is going to come in and do the job, give them the position because it is up to the individual. It doesn’t matter who you put in there; if they are not going to do their job, they are not going to do their job. So the responsibility is on the person they put there.”


Clestine Jackson

“I believe it will be better if they go in there for the right thing. If they don’t go in there for the right thing, there isn’t any reason to go in there at all. God is good to them. You know there is a bad side to everybody. But one thing about it, when you take an oath to do right you should do that, because it is not going to get any better – it will get worse.”