I am a league organizer for a community league baseball team. I have been involved with this endeavor for 10 years. When I first started, I was just going to be a dad watching my son play a sport that I loved. Little did I know that I would be coerced into becoming a coach. It’s now a blessing in disguise because I love coaching. I love dealing with kids who come to practice hard, and play hard. I love to see a kid run out on the field and have a lot of fun, win or lose, to see a kid make a great play and watch all the parents, family, and friends go crazy cheering, to see the other coaches (from the opposing team) give kids high-fives because they know that was an excellent play. I love to see parents’ barbeque on game days, to see the bleachers filled to capacity, to hear little players talk about big players like they are superstars, and how they want to play with them when they get old enough. I love to watch a team walk through the park together, and everybody looks at them like they are royalty. I basically love watching all kids have the opportunity to get out and have fun, whether it’s with baseball or any other activity, as long as they are off the street, and not trying to get into any trouble.

With the assistance of men and women throughout the Austin area, we have created a new league at LaFollette Park (LaFollette Community Baseball). We are truly excited about being at the park, as we have seen kids eager to get the chance to come out and show their stuff. Our anticipation is we will have 285 kids registered by the time the season begins, May 19. LaFollette Park with the help of regional manager, area manager, park supervisor, and staff have done an excellent job of supplying equipment and resources that we need.

Unfortunately, we are finding out that we are financially unable to purchase the uniforms we need for the children. We do have parents who are financially able to support their children, but we also have parents who cannot.

I am asking all the businesses, political figures, religious leaders, and even the residents in the community itself to help support the children. I am asking for your support to help obtain uniforms. We have 18 teams that will be in our league. I ask all the leaders in this community to step up to the plate, and show that they care about our kids.

Thomas Bowling

Sherice Murrell