Rodney Jones

“I think he should have been fired because he disrespected black women, and he should have been more responsible. He would not want someone saying this about his children.”


Jackie Hoffman

“I think he was disrespectful and could have talked about the girls in a different manner. The NCAA players, they play basketball. They’re doing something good for their life. I think he could have said something positive that would give them confidence to keep going through school instead of saying something negative.”


John Johnson

“I feel that yes he should have been fired and a lot of endorsements should have been taken from him for the simple reason that no one should outright call anyone nappy-head, Ho’s or whatever. People in general, black people, white people or whatever culture you’re from, we need to all try to respect each other and get along in this world as one. Because we got so many issues in this world today that are more major than this situation. I know it’s a big uproar about what he said, but you know we got hunger that is going on, a war that is going on, and we got a lot of people out of work-black and white. So the thing we need to do is come together and deal with some of these major issues here in America.”


James Clay

“I feel it was inappropriate and childish for him to say that, and it was right for him to get fired because you can’t just say anything over the airwaves. We all must be more respectful to each other.”


Terry Conley

“I think he should have been fired with the way he went public with it, and he had a history. He should have just kept it to himself if that is how he really felt. And he sounded like he was a racist, so that is what the big uproar was about. He should not have gone after young kids-those girls are somebody’s children and their parents were probably offended. Yes, he should have been fired and had everything taken away like they did, so justice has been done, and he’s a multi-millionaire. He will not starve.”


Ronnie Little

“I think he should have been punished because it was real wrong what he said about those young girls. He’s suppose to be on the air as a professional, and he should have kept it professional. If he had some personal feelings, he should have kept it to himself. Once you go on the air like that, you got a job to do and not attack somebody’s kids. These young ladies are trying to do better. If somebody was talking about his kids over the air, he would feel the same way. He really got what he had coming, to get on the radio saying what he did. They only gave him two weeks at first, but Rev. Jackson and Sharpton pushed it, so that got him out of there. Maybe he’ll learn next time.”


Derrick Rose

“I think he should have been fired because it was just wrong to go after some people playing basketball. There was no reason for saying that. It was rude and came out of the blue. It makes no sense for him to say these things.”


Jermain Buchanan

“I think he should be fired, and then I don’t know, cause he didn’t say nothing too wrong, but he said something wrong to the people and that’s the people of the whole United States of America. They are watching this man and looking at this man for what he did. Every time the news pop on, he’s done something wrong.”


Johnny Westmoreland

“He didn’t show remorse, and I think this has set the stage to show all of America that we’re just not going to sit back and tolerate people just calling us names. I think the firing was the right thing to do. If they had not fired him, that would have been a slap on the wrist, and he would have gotten away with it once again. He has a history of making these racist remarks about black women, such as Maya Angelou and the tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. I think the pressure of the protest was successful. It wasn’t a victory for us. It was a victory for righteousness, and I thank God the heat was on. If it had been one of us, they would want to fry us. I respect CBS and NBC to take the time to come up with their decision, which was appropriate. As the father of a 3-year-old daughter, I’ll be darned if I want someone calling her a “nappy-headed ho.”