Austin Town Hall this past Saturday was the place to be for people concerned about their health.

A free health awareness fair took place Saturday at Austin Town Hall, 5610 W. Lake, for area residents. There were several vendors on hand passing out literature, offering free ear and dental testing, and demonstrating various health topics. This was the third annual fair sponsored by Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th).

45th Precinct Captain and community activist Yancy Carothers was the facilitator of this event.

As for putting this event together, Carothers said, “I ventured out and got those persons who are in the industry of preventive medicine-personal trainers, health food stores, nephropathy, massage therapists; what we would call alternative health.”

All of the health vendors came to the podium to explain their field of expertise, such as Beverly Perkins of Scentuals, a natural body care therapist. She explained how ear-wax build up can be an important health issue. As people age, more wax may build up with some people produce more wax than others. People may have problems hearing or suffer from ringing in one ear or both.

Cora Anderson talked about the problem of HIV/AIDS in the community and how her organization will come to individual homes to talk about this serious issue.

“People must understand that there is no cure for HIV infection or for AIDS,” she said. “Having unsafe sex is a very serious problem in the Austin community,” she states.

Life Force International representatives Dorothy Johnson and Archie High talk about balancing your body by using supplements. Working with them was Adeline Bracey, a microscopist who interprets blood cells. Bracey showed visitors their blood cells on a monitor after taking a blood sample. Johnson and High then provided the liquid body balance supplement, and after 15 minutes, the cells that looked like sludge would be cleared up.