Brenda Smith
“I think the N-word is very inappropriate. A lot our ancestors fought to be freed and I think the N-word has somewhat of a bondage attached to it. It’s something that keeps us down. It’s degrading and no one should be degraded because all of us are equal. We are beautiful people, we’re loving people (we should be loving people), and I think the N-word is inappropriate.”



Donovan Pepper
“Yes, unequivocally yes. I think it is a offensive term. It’s always been offensive, and whether white folks use it or black folks say it to another black person, it is still degrading and offensive. And it should be stricken from all language – hip hop language rap whatever.”



Samantha Gloria Bannister (jazz vocalist)
“Yes, I really do think the N-word should be abolished in the rapper’s music. I also would love for them to stop being so derogatory to women. Unless we really stand up and take a stand this is not going to stop. I’m told all the time ‘well this is what sells, this what people like.’ People like what they hear. It’s propaganda and media saturation. If we played wonderful music all the time for our young people they would love. I’m not saying I love rap, I love the evolution of the music. Hip hop and rap are two different things. Public Enemy, Chuck D and Gil Scott Herron – what they did was different. We need something that is political, something that really makes young people think. They have wonderful minds. They need to use them all the time.”



Minnie Smith
“I think it’s inappropriate and I don’t like it. It is not good for the young people and they could certainly be more respectful to themselves and everyone else. It is embarrassing to have a car roll up next to you playing loud derogatory music by some young person who isn’t old enough to vote yet.”



Joe Smith
“I wish they would outlaw it. We don’t need that kind of language and people on TV half naked.”



Ebony Scott
“Not only should just the rappers eliminate it, but we as citizens have to do it. We have to take our cues from each other, not from the media. We have to except responsibility and insist on making a difference in the music.”