David Weathersby

“CBS and the Internet – there seems to be less rode blocks for people to get the news out, and less of a bottom line that needs to be covered before going onto the air. Although you can get a lot of useless things on the Internet, you can also find some really unfiltered things too. All of the networks are problematic when it comes to coverage of the African American community.”


JoAnn Petty

“I would say BET (Black Entertainment Television) shows us in the best light and more versatile across the board. It shows the good and the bad in the entertainment industry. Most of the national stations like CBS and ABC, I believe, just show the more negative of what we do as oppose to the positive things that are going on in the black community.


Kelley Moseley

“None, because I don’t see any of them dealing with issues properly or representing the black community.”


Jerry Burden

“I watch FOX News local and a lot of the reason is because of Tamara Hall – she is fine and pretty. Besides, Ms. Hall [and FOX News], I feel, cover a lot stories in the black community. It is important that our young people see this representation.


Kamla Thomas

“I watch CLTV (Chicagoland’s Television) the majority of the time because I feel they do a very good job with covering the different activities and things that are going on in the African American community, as well as there are a lot of anchors that represent those of us in the African American community.”


Tayo Ladipo

“I’d have to say the station that covers the black community best is between CNN and BET, although I don’t think there is anyone out there in particular who does a better job than the next one, but I’d have to go with those two. The reason I chose CNN and BET is because I see a lot of faces on there that look like me, and I don’t always have to hear about negative information about the African American community. At times they do go towards the positive side.”


Nicole Hall

“I normally watch WGN Channel 9. For one thing, they come on at 9 o’clock and this fits my schedule. Another reason I watch is because they have Robert Jordan and Allison Payne reporting the news and I can see someone that looks like me, and both are always so professional.”