Shaun McNicholas (golfer)

“I’m thankful for my family and friends. Memorial Day weekend is a good time to just kick back and relax with family and friends. We also get the extra day off to just kind of hang out and enjoy the fellowship.”

Nzingha Amma Nomo

“I’m thankful for the power, strength and courage of our African ancestors as a community that have laid down a beautiful legacy for us to emulate. I’m thankful that more and more of our people are recognizing our strength in ourselves. This doesn’t mean that they are coming home to Africa and traveling more to the motherland. We are strengthening ourselves up to defend our dignity and our greatness. Those are some of the things I’m grateful for.”

Ronny Whaley

“I’m thankful for my life. God has given me a family my step-daughters, my wife and having a decent life. We’ve all been through so much and we take a lot of things for granted. As we mature, I realize that the little things mean everything in the world and that is priceless. As for this being Memorial Day, I feel for the families that don’t have their loved ones. Some will never come home, some will come home disabled and their whole life will be changed. I feel for them and that make us more grateful to be out here because of them, for that I’m truly grateful.”

Norma Whaley

“I’m thankful just to be here. I’m thankful for my husband although we both have some health challenges, but I’m just bless and thankful we’re still here. I also pray for the troopers and pray for their speedy safe return.” (5900 W. Lake Street – Lake Street Park)

Gregory Calhoun

“I’m thankful for family, friends and good health. And with this being Memorial Day, we do have a history of our people serving in the military. I have an uncle who served in World War, I and I am very grateful that these guys are out there fighting for the liberation of our people, even though it may seem unjust at times. Overall, the spirit is in the right place, and I’m grateful and praying for their speedy return.” (AfriWare, 266 Lake Street, Oak Park)


Dell Jenkins (golfer)

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to play golf with a few friends today on Memorial Day. We serve in the ministry helping people to learn about God. It is a great opportunity to play some golf and enjoy the beautiful weather. I’m thankful for my health and I’m thankful for the beautiful family I have – I have a wife and two little girls that I love dearly. As for my family back in Detroit, I’m grateful for them. It’s been a great life so far.” (Columbus Park – 5900 W. Jackson Blvd.)

Sonjee Roberson (golfer)

“Very definitely, I am thankful for my family and friends, and to just get out with the fellows and enjoy the beautiful weather. A day off from work is definitely something to be grateful for. Also for my freedom here in the United States. This is Memorial Day, and there are a lot of soldiers over there serving for freedom. Those guys are really sacrificing a lot. I don’t 100 percent agree with everything about the war, but I’m thankful for their lives that they are giving.”

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