I have marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Lu Palmer, Eddie Read, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others in the past.

But the biggest mistake blacks have made in the past is we have never learned to march with our dollars. Other ethnicities have Chinatown, Greek Town, Hispanic Town, Puerto Rico Town, India Town, and all the other towns that they will leave for their children. What are we leaving for our children to own in the future when we are gone? The Bible says that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

Many people are saying we need a black agenda. I disagree. In 1976, I was with the National Progressive Baptist Convention in Washington D.C., setting up a black agenda. In 1978, I was with them again in Los Angeles setting up a black agenda. I was with Rev. Hycel Taylor, Ann Harper, Conrad Worrill, many Muslim brothers and sisters and others in 1983 setting up an agenda. In 1984, I met in the Super Dome in New Orleans with the National Assembly of Black Church Organizations representing 25 denominations, setting up a black agenda. Now you can see why I feel we don’t need any more agendas. Since setting up all these agendas, we have had the Million Man March, Million Women and Youth March, the Million More March, and four black religious conventions met in Nashville. At this time, we should be putting all our efforts on carrying out the agendas we have already set up.

This is what the members of the United American Progress Association are doing. We will host a community workshop this Saturday. Join us, and we can begin to leave something better for our children’s future.

Webb Evans
United American Progress Association details of event in Across Austin