Two thumbs up for Kerasotes movie theater

Kerasotes Theatres opened Showplace 14-Galewood Crossings, a newly constructed movie theater in Austin south of Grand and Central on June 29.

They opened with a proven marketing tactic – free admission, drink, and popcorn to all movies starting before noon from June 29 to July 5. Based on my attending two free movies over the weekend, and the well behaved patrons attending on July 4, Keratoses marketing plan worked.

Gene Hobbs, division manager for the theater chain, was ecstatic over the response. Both the matinee afternoon sales were great, Hobbs said. He also said that 160 of the newly hired staff is from community, and a significant number of students were hired from Prosser Career Academy. It was obvious that management trained its staff well in customer service skills. The security staff is also locally hired and very familiar with the communities the theater hopes to attract.

Based on my two trips there, it appears the management has made a wise commitment in bringing a quality movie experience to a diverse movie audience.

Two thumbs up!

Dwayne Truss

Want a free pass? Call the library

Tell Arlene she can get a free pass to the museums from the Chicago Public Library, if she has a library card – since she is so smart[Free days at the museum? Forget it, Arlene Jones, June 5].

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Reconnect with your values

In response to your question about today’s youth and the problems they face[What ideas or suggestions do you have to address the recent deaths of so many young people? Streetbeat, June 7], it seems as though many will deny the real problem.

What is really needed is a return to the values of our fore-parents. If we take an honest look at where to begin, we will start at the beginning, with our spiritual connection to our God. We must address the question of what is our responsibility to the correct observance of the Sabbath? Is it Saturday or Sunday? We must do this through verification in the scriptures. When the religious leaders and the Christian community answer that question, then and only then will we get the answer to the problem of our youth. We’ll get the answer why we struggle from day to day as a people. Some might say, ‘Me and my family don’t struggle.’ Well, let me remind those who believe in that. When one struggles, we all have the same issues.

Pastor R.A.Pendleton
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Living in Austin too much to bear

I have been in the Austin area for about two months now. I have dedicated myself to working as hard as I can to get myself out of this area. I am within walking distance of four – count them, four – churches, and I view homelessness, drug use and desperation everyday. The only saving grace is this weekly newspaper, otherwise, I find this neighborhood depressing and have decided that the only way is out. I could wait and see if it gets better, but I doubt that it will.

Good Luck Austin.

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Don’t forgive or forget

Some may forgive, but I am not forgiving[Can African-Americans forgive the sins of the past? James Hammonds, May 30]. What happens when you start forgiving? The same thing starts all over again. We have to educate our people (not in white institutions and not in white history) about us. There are more people in the world besides white people. Why can’t they teach about others? When you start forgiving you start forgetting. I personal ask God never let me forgive nor forget because I might compromise.

Lenora Sheppard
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Will our children have a future?

I have four teen sons growing up in the Austin community[What ideas or suggestions do you have to address the recent deaths of so many young people? Streetbeat, June 7]. One is a recent graduate of Michelle Clark (High School). What puzzles me is: How can a teen found murdered in a burned van on North Waller St. be considered gang-related? What’s really going on in this community? As a parent, I am extremely concerned for all the young teens – not just my own. I read in an article where the life expectancy of a teen was 25 years young. I wonder, will our children exceed the expectancy of life in society? In the Austin community? In the world?

God help us.

Mr. Maurice Griffin
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