Autumn Jones

(In response to only one Republican Presidential candidate showing up to a recent NAACP convention). “The reason they did not attend the NAACP convention is because they don’t care. This certainly is not showing any interest in black America. It shows that Democrats are there because they at least come out to the churches. Maybe [Republicans] should make a better effort. You never know what could happen – things could change.”


Kenneth Holden

“I feel like something is wrong with [Republicans]. Apparently, they have a problem. If they were to reach out more to blacks maybe they could get more votes. Why would you ignore a group of people when you’re running for president. That makes no sense. So they must have something wrong with their way of thinking.”


Julia Brown

“I do feel Republicans are prejudice against blacks and that they are never fair to the black race. But I don’t feel the Democrats do enough for the blacks. The only way you’re going to know people is to work with them. We have black people that need to start working together too. We work against each other [and] we don’t reach out to each other. We don’t try to help bring our race up. Most times, the black person gets something, then they go on about their business and don’t look back at the poor. We have no stores, nothing. We can’t even keep a grocery store open because black people won’t patronize it. It’s just sad. If we respect ourselves, other people will respect us.”


Melanie Wright

“The Democratic Party is not any better. I’m not exactly sure why they don’t go after the black vote, but I think it’s something they need to work on. They need to reach out because they may come out much better by going after the black vote. My understanding of history is that once upon a time Republicans were for blacks. But after President [Franklin ]Roosevelt, everyone went with the Democrats, who were never for the people anyway. They still are not for the people. They are for themselves and the rich. So my thing about Democrats – they are for themselves. I think the Republicans do things that are somewhat better for blacks. I mean, you got bad on both sides. But I think we may be a little bit better off at times depending on which Democratic is in office.”


Charles Cory Helom (college student)

“I think they could do better to help the black community by helping students that are going to school and those who are in school. Also, they could see about providing financial aid to those who need help. Probably, the reason they don’t seek the black vote is that they don’t have any good ideas. The Democratic Party could be a little more helpful. They do a little bit, but they could do a lot better.”


Cherise Ingram

“Well, I feel the Republican Party at this time doesn’t really care. As far as the voting goes, when it gets closer for the time to vote, that is when they will start stepping up their game, trying to persuade us to become a Republican or to get our vote. Sometimes I feel the Democrats don’t even care as well. Look at our schools, our colleges. Look at all the homeless people living on the street. Look at our community, housing and the jobs. There are more black people unemployed and on welfare than anywhere. And we have all these Caucasians with million dollar jobs passing by and see somebody on the street and are like, ‘Oh well, I don’t care.’ So, I think that they didn’t even cared enough to say, ‘I think that I should go to the NAACP Convention to make sure that black people see that I care.’ They obviously don’t care.”