Should Chicago Public Schools do more to support afterschool programs? If so, what programs would you like to see?

The Greater Way Missionary Baptist Church, 5442 W. Harrison

Latrice Andrews

“One of the things I would like to see are things like home economics, swimming and cooking. I would love to take those type of classes. I just graduated from Spencer (Elementary School) and will be attending Austin High this fall.”

Rev. Mose White

“They could add social centers where young people could attend; where they have arts and crafts so that it will keep them off the streets. Because, this is where we’re getting into trouble. We could provide role models inside the social centers who they could look up to. We can go even further than that whereas they could get spiritual teaching. There is a lot of different areas we can go into, but right now, we don’t have any such facility because the kids are on the streets with nothing to do.”

Milton White

“We concentrate so much on the kids – what you need is to create programs for the adults and parents so that they will understand how to work with the kids and work with the teachers.”

Juanita Ballenger

“I definitely think the schools should have more activities for the children. They get the funding from the government and they get our tax money. Right now, we can see that our children are in trouble. We have all this youth gang violence, killings by guns, If we had after school programs utilizing those gyms, they would not have so much time to be on the street. So, I definitely think they should get something going with the Board of Education.”

Mrs. Ballenger is the widow of founder and pastor Rev. C.F. Ballenger of The Greater Way Missionary Baptist Church

Johnny Shepard

“I would like to focus more on the reading and the mathematics part of the curriculum for the kids to help them advance. This will inspire the kids to be more than just wasting their time. They can aspire to be doctors, lawyers or politicians. Advancing their academics will advance their future and help set the bar of learning higher.”

Tennille Hardy

“I absolutely believe Chicago Public Schools should have after school programs, programs like gymnastics -my son loves gymnastics-, karate and sewing classes. Also, I think after school programs like they are doing now, where they are having the kids [learn parenting skills], that could be an interesting program as well, especially for teenage mothers.”