Ivan L. Spicer

“I think that is one the best moves for Chicago since Chicago has been established. They need to crack down on the police because those in our community are crooked.”

Krystle Coleman

“His move will strengthen the city in a certain aspect, but we don’t know his political views on certain things. If he knows Chicago, he can really help benefit the community. Chicago is a big city with a lot of complex issues. We don’t know how he will handle all of the things we’ve been going through; the issues people like Jesse Jackson and Minister Farrakhan have addressed.”

Curtis Hooker, 15 years old

“I think he will put a lot of pressure on things like police brutality. I think his coming to Chicago is a good thing.”

Zachary Graham

“I think Rev. Al Sharpton will have a very positive impact on the city of Chicago for a variety of reasons. Chicago’s civil rights movement is quite strong with Jesse Jackson, who I consider one of the most revolutionary [and] interesting man of color. And there is Louis Farrakhan. I believe the movement is very strong in Chicago. I think his move to Chicago was wise and will add a very powerful force for us in the black community.”

Savon Burton (13 years old)

“I think he is going to better the community a lot. I think he is trying to stop all the violence, plus Minister Farrakhan has been ill, and we need somebody that is going to help the community out. I think police brutality needs to stop before the city of Chicago runs out of money from these law suits.