Delquila Randolph

Yes, I am scared because anything can happen to you no matter if you know the person or you don’t know the person. This summer I’ve tried to be more careful, and I also come in the house early so I can be with my mother and she won’t worry about me.

Rodnisha Green

No, because I’ve been in the neighborhood for a long time. I know everybody in my neighborhood, and I know where to go and not to go. My parents tell me don’t talk to strangers, don’t get in cars and attend things where there is supervision.

Cynthia Green

Well, I’m not afraid to play in the neighborhood because I know when I see things like a gang of people, I walk away. I know who to hang with and who not to hang with. I also go inside when it gets dark and my parents tell me to stay off the corner and stay away from people selling drugs.

Deshonna Banks

I am afraid of playing in the neighborhood where crime is because so much can happen. You don’t know if this person will do something or that person will do something. No matter who you talk to, never talk to a stranger. You don’t know who to trust, so I always try to be careful because you don’t know what they have or what they might do.

Jonathan Mitchell

Well, in a way I feel safe and in a way I don’t. Sometimes my cousin tells me not to ride my bike around the corner because there might be some drug dealers there. Sometimes I feel safe because even if you just ride by them, it isn’t like they will come and beat you up because they know us and know we are from the neighborhood. My parents always tell me to be careful and don’t ride my bike across the street, don’t get out of the neighborhood and stay where they can see me.

April Green

No, because basically I know everybody on the block. They are kind of like my cousins, so I know they won’t do anything strange, and they protect me. When I go out to different things or field trips, sometimes I go with my school or I go with family. My parents tell me, “Don’t talk to strangers, be careful and don’t come in late.”

Jeriah Randolph

I am scared because no matter if you know them, they can still do things to you. And how I try to be careful is I always check in with my mom, and if I go to parties, she tells me they have to be supervised and I should always be careful.

Rev. Brian Covell

Rev. Brian Covell is the pastor of Third Unitarian Church and has participated in the back-to-school cookout for the community for the past three years. Pastor Covell said, “This is the third year we have had the block party. Each year it seems to get bigger and better. The attendance of the children particularly in the area has gotten stronger, and we give out school supplies. In anticipation of the back-to-school rollout the Chicago Public Schools are doing, we are happy to be a part of this effort. This is my fifth year as pastor and third year for the block party and school giveaway. Typically we’ve had more than enough supplies for the kids in the neighborhood and no one has been turned away.”