Patrice Ball-Reed

I think that it is about who you love because you never know who you’re going to encounter that will make you happy, who supports the things you do, and will be there for you when no one else will. Hopefully, it is a person of the same ethnic background because you don’t have as many problems, but that doesn’t always happen. As time passes there are a lot more inter-racial connections, and times are changing.


William Hyde

Love is love. As long as two people love each other that is all that matters.


Gwendolyn Caul

I have absolutely no problem with it as long as two people find themselves compatible to each other. It is all about happiness. People are trying to find happiness, and happiness is color blind.


Dennis Cokes

I have no problem with inter-racial dating or marriage as long as the couple is happy. I don’t see anything wrong with it. They are not hurting anybody. That is their personal choice.



Pamela Phillips

My opinion on inter-racial marriage or dating: if two people love one another, care for each other and respect each other, I have no problem with it. I feel that everyone deserves to be with whoever they want to be with, and if you’re happy with that person, I’m happy with you.


Alexis Reed

I think it’s fine. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Hispanic or Asian. It depends on how much you love the person and care about them.