Keith Dagen

“I just think companies – when they have money problems – they should bring in specialists. I think they should have an outside company come in and look over that budget and how they are managing money. They need to figure out what they should be doing, what they are doing wrong, and why we don’t have money in the city. Have other people come in and see why the city doesn’t have any money.”


Theresa Barnes

“I disagree with Daley trying to raise taxes on all these things. Number one: you think crime is high now? It is going to get even worse. Decent people who are not even committing crime are not going to be able to make it. And this $120 for a sticker – that’s a bunch of garbage. Because from what I understand, the first time the city sticker was raised was because Daley claimed the vehicles were destroying the streets. No they don’t. The streets are torn up because they use that cheap material. And all of these money hungry politicians from Daley on down to Stroger – all the money that has been stolen from the county and the city- nobody is putting that money back. And why did Daley waste millions of dollars putting a stupid Bean (Millennium Park) down on Michigan Avenue? What purpose does it serve? Look at the money that could have been used in other places.”


Karen Chandler

“With the taxes going up, we won’t be able to clothe or feed our children properly. Rent goes up constantly, and by increasing taxes we won’t be able to pay our rent. The more they raise taxes, soon, everyone will become homeless. They need to think of something more logical. Remember, Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. This city is doing the opposite – taking from the poor and giving to the rich.”


Tamika Page

“I just believe that if Mayor Daley is so concerned about taxes he should voluntarily give up some of his pay, along with some of the aldermen and some of the other politicians. We have a lot of crooked politicians who are getting paid all this money, but when they get caught they aren’t being held responsible to pay this money back. So, if Daley is so concerned about all these taxes he should give up part of his salary. Todd Stroger should give up part of his salary. Stroger has cut all these jobs for doctors and nurses, and even the sheriff, but what about his family that he has hired? He is giving his family all these jobs, who are not qualified. Emma Mitts – she is not doing her job. She has an office staff with people who are not doing their job. I call on a regular basis and they can’t seem to get anything done.”


Larry Osborne

“I’ve been living in the Austin area close to 48 years. When I came here, things were a lot different than they area now. It seems like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And on top of all this – my God- people are losing their homes because taxes are going up. How about the people who are on budgets and can’t pay the taxes? How about the people who can hardly pay their gas and light bill. They have enough nerve to sit down there and raise the taxes on somebody who cannot afford it! After a while, we’re going to be back in slavery – what the old times were. We need to go forward not backward. But it seems like these politicians are trying to put us back. Martin Luther King use to say ‘free at last, thank God almighty, free at last.’ No, we’re not free because they keep whipping us.”