Jafar Bawwagnn

“First of all, I’m against gambling, period. You’re going against God’s law, and I don’t see any room for it. There could be other things to develop in the community that would provide economics for the residents of the community.”


Rasheed Akbar

“I think I’m very much in question on how it will benefit our community. Often we have heard of many casinos being built but when we look at most places, those casinos are being built eventually with the intentions of bringing revenue into the community. We see people with revenue going out of the community. I’m very concerned about masses of senior citizens going to the casinos to basically lose the little money that they are getting. I think we need to be very conscious of putting other programs that could be more financially beneficial to our community. With the intent that these casinos are going to help our school system, we have yet to see any casino be of a tremendous benefit to any school system in the United States.”


Ronald Smith

“No, because I really don’t go to a casino. I haven’t been to a casino since they began. Casinos don’t excite me. I don’t know if it will bring revenue to me or the schools. I haven’t heard too much about that. Hopefully, it will. If they bring one here, I don’t know.

Constance Ativie

“I’m not in favor of it because I’m looking at the crime and the increase it could have. Just with the casinos in Indiana; so many people have lost their property and valuables because they were thinking it was going to be their night. And I’m just not in favor of them because we have enough casinos we can get to besides having one downtown. And what is that going to do for the congestion downtown? It is already congested. They need something else, and I’m thinking there is too much building downtown. Next it will be a hotel with a casino in it, and then its going to be a new Las Vegas.


James Mason

“I favor one coming here if some of the money can be used to help the black community.”

Meagan Lumpkin

“I think we can have a lot more resources or better programs to give more jobs other than having a casino, which would take more money away from our community.”