Expand state cancer services

Gov. Blagojevich’s recent expansion of the Illinois breast and cervical cancer program will continue to benefit thousands of women throughout the state. As a participant provider of this program, Access Community Health Network has been on the front lines for the past four years in offering seamless access to low-cost breast and cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic testing and treatment for uninsured and low-income women.

Now that the program is open to all eligible, uninsured women throughout the state -regardless of income- many more working-class women who might not be able to afford insurance will also have access to life-saving, preventive health care. Moreover, those who have abnormal screenings will be eligible for appropriate follow up.

We applaud the governor’s commitment to keeping Illinois women healthy. If we all work together and support the governor in this and other health care initiatives, all Illinois families benefit.

Gloria Dominguez
Manager of ACCESS Women’s Health Community Cancer Programs

Thank you for your support

Our idea was to form a small league of young boys and girls and teach them the game of baseball. We had it in our minds to go with only 120 players. A total of 325 signed up, and our hearts could not turn them away. We evaluated our situation and realized that there was a potential crisis on our hands if we did not obtain funding for equipment and uniforms. The rally cry went out and it was heard. The ’07 season for LaFollette Community Baseball was a huge success. With that being said, I, as well as the players, would like to say thank you to the following: The Austin Weekly News for publishing our letter for assistance; Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) and her staff for their tireless effort in setting up the opening-day parade and asking local businesses to assist us. And we thank Wal-Mart for supplying food and water for the players, also Art Richardson, Clara Portis, Steve Collins, James Bailey and Sherice Murrell of the Chicago Park District for taking care of the baseball diamonds were we played. Also to Arlene Jones, William Rodriquez, Dr. Derrick Johnson, Larry Williams of State Farm Insurance, Buyers Flea Market, The Million Woman March Organization, and Lawrence Robinson for all of their wonderful donations, and the officers of the 15th and 25th District police for ensuring a safe environment. And special thanks to all the coaches and their staff, and to all the parents and relatives who came out to show their support

The 2008 season begins in January. The idea is to have all 500 players – yes the league will expand next season – in uniform, with the necessary equipment, and volunteers, ready to go on opening day. For those who would like to help, contact us at 773/297-7360, 773/531-4435, or lcyl08@yahoo.com.

Thomas Bowling
LaFollette Park Baseball League organizer

Film review too negative

Mr. Felton, I am very appalled that you wrote such a negative review of Tyler Perry’s film Why Did I get Married? [Tyler Perry film shows disdain for marriage and audience, Robert Felton, Oct. 18]. I viewed the movie along with a group of seasoned adults and we were very appreciative of the subject matter. First and foremost, this work was about a group of married couples who were working on their marriages and very educated and productive. Given the number of couples in the news of late who are creating families and problems without the benefit of marriage, it was refreshing to finally see married couples on the screen working together the way God intended it. In addition, the movie addressed many issues that are of great concern in many ethic groups – men on the down-low, sexually transmitted diseases and baby momma drama. In my opinion, the movie was above the mark. Perhaps, you are not a Tyler Perry fan.

L. Gale Moore
Submitted at www.AustinWeeklyNews.com