Like the old folklore belief that a full moon can cause strange behaviors, Halloween in communities such as Austin can have a similarly spooky effect.

Despite tips from the community of possible crimes allegedly taking place in Austin on Halloween last Wednesday, 15th Dist. police reported no major incidences. The district did, however, ratchet up coverage in certain “hot spots” in Austin at the request of some business owners, an official with the district said Wednesday.

One of the tips police received involved one or more persons threatening to hold up Family Dollar Store, 100 S. Laramie at Monroe, on Halloween night. Store owners asked for additional coverage, and no robbery took place. According to the 15th Dist. police, the Chicago Branch Austin Library at 4856 W. Chicago Avenue, west of Cicero Avenue, also requested additional coverage. Police blanketed Columbus Park, 5701 W. Jackson, with extra cops as well.

On some CTA buses, drivers warned riders stopping off in and around the West Side area last Wednesday to watch out for teens or other individuals throwing eggs and other objects at buses.

Egg throwing and other similar antics are just some of the activities that take place on Halloween in Chicago and other cities nationwide. Sometimes, the consequences can have harmful results.

In Long Island, New York, for instance, police there are still investigating a Halloween egg-throwing incident from last week involving high school teens who reportedly partially blinded a 13-year-old trick-or-treater.

13-year-old Thomas Palumbo, according to news reports from Long Island, suffered major damage on the cornea of his right eye from an egg thrown at his face, done apparently by a group of teens riding in an SUV.