Citing Hughes’ police record was uncalled for

Mr. Dean, I am very disturbed and outraged that the article reporting on the death of Mr. Hughes would include an arrest of disorderly conduct from the year 2000. What is the relevance? How does this contribute to the story or informing people of this senseless killing. I understand this type of yellow reporting from the white press, but you should know better and do better. Every time a Black victim is shot, the press wants to talk about an arrest in their history. You certainly do not apply the same standard of reporting on white victims.

You are well aware of how rogue Chicago police officers harass and file bogus charges against Black people everyday, and disorderly conduct is always one of those convenient charges. Why don’t you do some real reporting on the rogue officers who are repeat offenders?

It is very unfortunate that Mr. Hughes’ family has to read articles such as yours and the one in the Sun-Times.

Pamela D. Hunt

The best pastor in the world

I really enjoyed reading the article on pastor Richardson, who is my pastor [The heart of this pastor has a special beat, Oct.18]. He is the best pastor in the whole wide world.

Sister Erlinda Rogers
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Insightful article

Pastor Richardson’s heart really does have a special beat of its own [The heart of this pastor has a special beat, Oct.18]. Their is no other like him. As a pastor, he genuinely cares for everyone. We thought the article was very insightful and fun to read.

Roderick and Shelia Williams
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