Lewis W. Powell III

“I believe we’re at the point right now, because of the funding crisis, that we really have no choice but to raise taxes. Nobody is in favor of raising taxes. but we’re in a situation with the CTA. So many people depend on the CTA for transportation, especially people getting to their place of employment. It is inevitable that they are going to have to raise taxes. Definitely, I’m in favor for it.”

Ellen S. Ware

“I don’t support raising taxes for the CTA. I think they should be able to trim away what is currently in their budget and come up with an effective plan to help fund the CTA more effectively. I believe with [CTA President] Ron Huberman being there, I believe he will be an effective manager, based upon the success that came out of the police initiative that were put in place under his management. I think that once he has an opportunity to effectively to look at the past uses of CTA funding, I think he will be able to come up with a viable solution for the future.”

Aleatra Elzy

“I would have to answer by saying, no. I really do feel that the CTA can support their own crisis. I don’t think that tax payers should be responsible for that.”

Pastor Ricky Sanders

“I do not support raising taxes for CTA funding because I believe that the city has actually raised taxes too many times. They are constantly raising them, and people are losing property. I believe the city has to really take some serious looks at what is going on in politics. There needs to be integrity among the mayor and so many others. We really are looking to see that peoples taxes go down, that people keep their properties, and keep their families safe. I really believe they need to look at other ways than raising taxes to save the CTA.”

Bemis Lester

“Personally, I don’t think the CTA should be funded every three or four years. I feel that just like all other business, the CTA, RTA and all the other city-run organizations are for-profit organizations. If the management that is in place would do what they need do, the CTA could generate the additional funds, [and] we would not have to give them additional funds every three or four years. I think they should do like other companies and have a mechanism in place where they can raise funds. Every rider that gets on the bus drops money into the coin slot. So rather than paying all the money to the administration or to the CEO of the company, this money should be invested so that they will have a return on it. That way, if the money is invested in two or three years, they would have a return and would not have to go back to the government asking them for money. The CTA should be able to generate income so it can sustain itself.”