Clyde Branch

“No, we should not give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. If they get a driver’s license, they would then get rights to other things that other people have legally had to wait for. What about car insurance? If they are getting licenses, will that include mandatory car insurance like it does for us? Also, if a illegal immigrant can not speak English, how in the world will they be able to read the road signs?”

Martha Vernon

“No, I do not think they should be granted a driver’s license because they should become a citizen first. There are too many people killed from people driving without proper instructions. This would make our roads even more dangerous.”

Pearlie Branch

“No, I think they should be legal before they get a license. This is not fair to the people who follow the rules and become citizens legally.”

Constance Sullivan

“My thought about that is they should go through the system the way they are supposed to. To become legal in this country you need the right paperwork to make sure they are good drives and not breaking the law. They should have everything under their belt to get a driver’s license. We already have a lot of illegal people out there driving, and they are bad drivers causing accidents. People are getting hurt or losing their lives. We already have enough problems with Americans here driving without a license. If we have to follow the laws, I don’t think illegal immigrants should be allowed to come into our country and do whatever they want to do. I think that they should follow procedures.”

Patricia Flowers

“I say No. They have already broken the law – they are illegal. When you have broken the law you should pay for the crime. Why give them something when they are here illegally? That is not fair to the ones who have gone through the process to become legal citizens. So why should illegal immigrants get favored treatment over legal immigrants?”

Lillian Ingram

“No, they should not have driver’s licenses because those are for citizens. First of all, to get a license you must be a citizen and know the by-laws of the city and the state. If you’re not a citizen, how do you know the rules of the road, as well as the laws of the state?”