It was stated by Dr. Martin L. King Jr. that he wanted his children to be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin. Great words, almost a reality. You would think, being 2007, that by now racism would not have a place in America. As long as people continue to secretly hang nooses and swastikas and use the “N” word in white America there will not be a Barack Obama as the first African president of the United States.

Wishful thinking, maybe even pipe dreaming. Polls show that in the long run, the Ohio caucus will change its mind and the fad of Obama will go its way into the mist. It is a shame that the country that is the leader of the world is becoming the last to know. I recently viewed a program on England and France and how their political representatives are afraid to go against the voting public’s wishes for fear of losing their positions. They, as in Canada, work toward the betterment of their people, not toward the self-gratification of big business, corporations and medical institutes.

It is also a shame that the candidate of color is far from reality when stating, “There is no Black and White America.” My real problem though is when I hear the candidates speak about American class. They only mention what will be done for the middle class as though there is no lower class of people, I guess by not saying this, they are being politically correct as if the poor class of people will just go away. The chances of Obama are a dream deferred. But do you believe in miracles?

Rickie P. Brown Sr.