Since 1998, Pastor Rosetta Dotson has been trying to make a difference for the youth of Austin. With her Walk By Faith Mission, Pastor Dotson is helping young people earn how to cope with problems and not become involved with gangs or resort to violence.

Pastor Dotson meets with young people every Saturday and Sunday at her center, located at 5453 W. North Ave. Here you might find her feeding young people or helping on the computers. Youngsters come there to “hang out” and visit with friends. Dotson is trying to make herself available to young people when they have problems or just need someone to talk to.

On Sunday, November 25, Walk By Faith held a fundraiser for youth and gave away new coats to many youngsters. The event was held at her church, Gospel Temple COGIC (Church of God In Christ) at 3855 W. Harrison by the Rev. Sidney Grandberry, the church’s pastor.

One of the supporters on hand was attorney Melanie Rose Nuby, who is running for Cook County Judge of the 7th Subcircuit. “I believe community service is very important,” Nuby said, “and we have to be role models for our children. Besides supporting this effort, I volunteer my time for the Constitutional Rights Foundation. I teach a social studies class at Herzl Elementary School. I met Pastor Dotson at [state] Senator Rickey Hendon’s office, I am part of his 5th District organization. I’m no stranger to the community and the issues involving our young people. I live in the North Lawndale community and have been an attorney for the last 14 years. I work at Juvenile Court for the Cook County Public Defenders Office.”

Dotson said, “As I’ve gone around to different communities and churches, I fell in love with a youth center in the Garfield community. I was blessed to have 16 coats donated from that area going to their choir, and I’m excited to be able to give the coats today. This event is great because children are showing up with their parents and this is always a good sign.”

Pastor Grandberry said, “We’re delighted to have Pastor Dotson here. It’s a great thing for the West Side. She has a vision and she has a plan for these young people, and they love her.”

To contact Pastor Dotson, call 773/310-6269.