Linda Adams

“Most important to me is Pastor Dotson because I wouldn’t be here, and I have learned a lot of things from her. She really helps me.”

Steve Dotson

“The most important person is my wife. We’ve been married 10 years, going on 11. She has been good and a blessing. Also, she is the mother of our four children, and we have one on the way. My mother (pastor Rosetta Dotson) is also important to me. She has been a good inspiration for me. She brought me up to be a responsible person and a good husband. I could have been out there selling drugs, but she raised me up in church. Thank God for her. She has been through a lot, but hasn’t thrown the towel in. I like what she is doing for the community, helping the kids out. God has a big reward for her.”

Tiffney Dotson

“Most important to me is my husband. He has been a great husband. He is there for me at all times, [and] he’s been a blessing in my life. The second are my parents. They have been there for me at all times each and every day. They taught me how to be a good person and respect my family at all times.”

Al Taylor

“Jesus Christ because he is my maker, and he is the one that I adore and love. God is just awesome.”

Star Holland

“Jesus Christ because he’s so good. He’s awesome, he is on time and I just love him. I think the fundraiser to help our young people is just wonderful.”

Mary E. Wallace

“God is the most important person to me in my life because this morning I was able to look up, so therefore I was able to get up. I’m thankful to be able to help Pastor Dotson and the young people. Helping to provide food and clothing to those less fortunate shows how important we all can be.

Note: Mary Wallace was the first ever female bus driver in Chicago. “I would get cheers from the ladies and stares from the guys,” Wallace said, recalling the start of her career with the CTA in 1974. Source: Chicago Sun Times March 2007.