Eric Thompson

“I actually think Senator Obama’s campaign is doing quite well right now. He started campaigning so far in advance [and] is steadily picking up more and more momentum. I think he really has a good shot at being our first black president. As for Oprah campaigning, yes. It will in a really, really big way – with her exposure, fan base and influence – undoubtedly lead him to victory.”

Markeith Funches

“Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is doing exceptionally well, especially for his initial attempt at being president. Obviously, within Illinois he has an already established fan base, but nationwide, a lot of people are starting to recognize him as being the best presidential candidate as of now. Her campaigning is going to allow him an even larger fan base. In the past, presidential candidates have been on her show, so yes, it definitely will help.”

Allie Steen

“I think he’s doing great, and with Oprah behind him, I think he’ll do even better. I look forward to seeing what will happen in Iowa. I hope he wins in Iowa.”

Tammy McCann

“I feel like Senator [Obama’s] campaign thus far is doing well. I feel that the press is not reporting how well he’s doing. I’m curious as to why that this. They are concentrating on the general election more than they are concentrating on Iowa right now. I think that Oprah’s influence is going to be a coup for him if it’s played properly. I think that her stepping out on this political limb is a big step for her, and it means she is secure that this is what she wants to do. I think this was a big coup and people are going to take notice. I don’t think necessarily she is going to make somebody vote for him, but it does make people take notice because everybody loves Oprah. They think her opinion has a lot of heartfelt meaning.”

Katie Smith

“I think Senator Obama is great, and I will certainly vote for him. I think Oprah’s help is also great, and, hopefully, will bring out more voters.”

Ben Paterson

“I think Senator [Obama’s] campaign is doing well. I certainly like him. Most of my friends and people I talk to seem to like him much more than Hillary, which is strange because they always say she is leading in the polls. But everyone I talk to seems to like Barack. He seems like a guy with good integrity. I believe what he says and I hope he wins. As for Oprah, I can’t see how it would really hurt – any publicity is good publicity. Her influence can’t do anything but help give him some more press and more support.”