Mechelle Foster, 9

“What I want for Christmas is kindness in the world because some people are not kind to other people.”

Moniquewa Knighten, 9

“I want people to be more polite, stop cursing, and no more gangs or fighting.”

Anthony Alvarez, 12

“I would like a PlayStation 3, peace and harmony, and good health for my parents and grandparents.”

Keaira Buel, 8

“I want a jar of pickles, art craft set, pictures of people, and I want to take a trip to Hawaii.”

Cirrae Winbush, 11

“I want a Nintendo DS video game and no violence in the world, and no more shootings.”

Justyce Watson, 5

“I would like a camera like his (pointing to our photographer Frank Pinc’s digital camera), and I would like a doll too. I attend Sumner School.”