Andrew Betts

I rate the president as doing a poor job, especially in our community and most important the foreclosures and losing homes. I realize he has a portion of a bill that will only help about 15 percent of the people, but what are we going to do with the other 85 percent of people losing their house?

Anita Jones

I rank President Bush with a zero because I don’t feel like he is out for the minority of us, being underskilled, underaged and underprivileged as far as finances go, We need someone in power who will help the poor as well as the rich. And we cannot stand or survive another eight years like the Bush administration. We need someone who is going to move the country forward, save these homes that are being lost. Someone who cares about America.

Grego Smith

Well, going from a scale of 1 to 10, I say zero. He has done a lot of things wrong and put too many things first besides the people. The people in the communities should come first. He’s talking about investing overseas and people in your own country are starving, housing is lost. You’re talking about other countries where they got free medical and get over here, a place they call the richest country in the world, yet you can’t go to the hospital unless you got insurance. And you know the insurance is going to get kicked around and whatever is wrong with you they have to cut off some procedure. I mean he’s put too many other things first besides what should be first-this country. And so in order to make a change, he has to get out of office, which will be soon. And hopefully the next person who gets in office won’t repeat Bush’s administration. A lot of time when we elect officials, they give us all this rhetoric of what they are going to do, and when they get in office we’re going through the same old things again. So how I rank him as president? Very poorly.

Phyllis Logan

I would rate his overall presidency at a D. The reason I would give him a D, he does stand for allegiance to his party-his Republican party. So I would give him that. Take away from an F and give him a D because of that. The way that I have seen him talk about issues, the way he portrays himself, his demeanor on issues that affects all people. This adamancy that he has about fighting a war that still hasn’t been truly explained to us. Sending billions of dollars over to Iraq when we have so many personal concerns right here in the United States. We have housing issues, we also have health care issues. Instead of him putting his energy to fighting the human wars we have here in the United States, he is sending billions of dollars to Iraq to fight a war that will never benefit us here. I give him a D because he does not seem to understand that America is number one, yet he’s treating us like we are a Third World country. All of his attention is focused to other countries’ enhancements, building them up instead of paying his patriotic duty right here to the people of the United States. So I give him a D minus-I’ll take some more from him.

Eric Stevenson

I can say he’s bad, not good. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give him a two. He forgot about the black community. Nothing has changed, everything has gotten higher. It’s a good thing he can’t be re-elected.



Shenan Thompson

I rate him at zero because he is not really doing anything for the people. He needs to bring the soldiers home. They have been over there too long fighting and for what? Gas and putting more money in the pockets of the wealthy. And he needs to be addressing the education of our children-they are our future-as well as our housing crises. I am a single father of a son, 15, and a daughter, 13, and this is who I’m worried about. My son is very smart and attends Austin High, but I worry about the future of my children. I love them with all my heart, but I want them to have a future in this country.