A young survivor

Many thanks for sharing your story [Battling cancer while keeping hope alive, Dec. 27]. You are a Beautiful, Strong and Courageous Woman. Know that the Austin Community is praying for you. Is there a financial fund setup for you through the local bank? If not, we “The Village” needs to step up and put our money, prayers, and full support behind this Wonderful woman of God!

Rev. Jim Allen
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‘I Am Legend’ makes sense

Appliances work because he is running generators[Smith’s performance can’t save ‘I Am Legend’, Robert Felton, Jan. 3]. He is trying because he HOPES (Bob Marley reference is his motivation). And he wants to save the infected because he believes someone has to. Rather than slating a great film – get a brain!

Arnold Rimmer
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Smoking ban right thing to do

Don’t you think that workers in bars and restaurants deserve the same freedom from smoke that you enjoyed?[State smoking ban is just politics as usual, Arlene Jones, Jan. 3].

Dennis Huber
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Thanks for your column on being short

I would like to thank Sandra Johnson for her honest, no-punches column on the frustrations of being short. I too am little: 5 feet and a whisper (every half inch counts when you are barely 5 feet!). I suspect I would be more successful in my life-more attractive to men, more successful in job interviews-if I were taller, not necessarily by much. I am sure a mere 3 inches would cinch it. But I think we are judged as less intelligent, weaker and less competent than our taller sisters. This annoys me, as it is a largely taboo social prejudice. Few will openly admit to being swayed (prejudiced) by a person’s height but … the problem is that us “shorties” only have our suspicions to go on. We can’t grow taller for a day just to see life over the other side of the fence. Maybe it’s just as well.

Caroline Brown
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