Rob Baren

“I would ask John McCain why he feels that we should have such a long-term presence in Iraq, when the people so clearly want us to leave?”

Pamela Hunt

“My question would be addressed to Sen. Hillary Clinton. Within the past eight years it has become critical that we have a president in office who has integrity. We would like the entire family to have integrity. It is my assumption that once you’re in office we would be plagued with much controversy regarding your husband, former President Bill Clinton. How would you ensure that President Clinton wouldn’t disrespect the office, offend the American people and plague that office once again with controversy as the ‘First Husband in office.”

Earlean Collins, Cook County Commissioner

“I would ask all of them about the economy, foreign policy, global warming and health care. Those are the four major issues in this country.”

Clayton Harris III

“The presidential candidate I would ask a question to is Sen. Hillary Clinton. My question would be: how could she possibly think that President Lyndon Baines Johnson had more to do with civil rights than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Sure, it took a president to sign the legislation into action, but I guarantee you, without the movement of the people that forced the issue, -that did the marching, that came up from Selma, that walked across the bridges, that were beaten down – that bill never would have been signed. So I’m saying he didn’t have a lot to do with it by actually signing the bill. He could have refused to sign it. But if anyone thinks that the bill would have even made it to his desk without the movement of the people – and this movement wasn’t inspired by a speech given by Dr. King.- then they are sadly, sadly mistaken.”

Allen Rice

“To Sen. Obama – he said it’s time for a change. What kind of change would be made to better America? Will it economically get better or will we still have the recession that they’re saying we’re not in? Will there be changes coming in the future?”

Darryl Adams

“I would ask Sen. Barack Obama one simple question: when are our troops coming home?”