People do recognize the need for change

We have knocked on many doors. We have spoken to many people. We have the support from the voters. Our voice is being heard, and we are listening to all. The people want our government to change. We will give the people what they want. Our goal is to make a difference, be different, and prove that government is business by the people and the business for all people.

Your support is needed. We need individuals to donate your time and energy to a good cause. We have less than 10 days left before the Feb. 5 election. Many know of this campaign but there are many more to reach out to. Let us here from you because our vote does count. We do make a difference and can change government.

Change starts with one person at a time. Let’s make history against the “Old Politics.”

Phyllis M. Logan
Candidate for the 78th Dist. State Representative

Missing girl Yasmine

Anytime a child becomes missing, it’s a wake up call [Yasmine Acree, cousin of Austin pastor, missing, Jan. 24]. People assume that Austin students aren’t happy in their environment. However, that’s not always the case. The students are respectful and enjoy attending their school. As the president of the Austin High School Alumni Association, I’ve made it a duty to meet all of the students on the Austin campus. The Polytech students have a great, close-knit school. Yasmin is a nice, respectful young lady. I pray that she will be found soon and safe from harms way. On behalf of the Alumni Association, I’ll do my part to support the search efforts by posting the information on our website, May God continue to keep the family strong and hopeful.

Mrs. Diondai Brown-Whitfield
President of the Austin HS Alumni Association