Daphne Lecesne

“My husband said we are going to spend it to pay for our windows that we installed last fall, or maybe we’re going to spend it to go on vacation. I sure hope we go on vacation.”

Connie Jackson

“My government rebate check will be spent purchasing items for my house or doing some home improvements. Really and truly, I would like to take it and save whatever amount that the government is going to give me as a refund. I understand they are giving us those rebate checks because they want us to go out and spend to help the economy. However, more jobs and lower gas prices would be a better gift.”

Gwendolyn Burrell

“I will use it to pay bills. That’s it.”

Helen Giles

“Right now I am taking classes with Neighborhood Works. I have finished two of the classes with three more to go. Neighborhood Works is now giving us classes out of the state. They are paying for the room and board, food and training. All we have to do is pay for your transportation. The next class is in New York, so I will use that money to fly to finish taking those courses so I can be a housing counselor.”

Walter Washington

“If I receive a refund it will probably go to one of the two charities I’m involved with: The NAACP ACT-SO Program or my undergraduate alma mater, South Carolina State University, a historical black college university.”

Barbara Jones

“I think at this time the rebate is a gift for me because I have been blessed to get custody of my twin infant granddaughters. I’ve taken custody of them, so we need baby baskets and cribs, and not one but two of everything. I see it as a much needed gift.”