Giselle Vasquez

“The most important issue would be health insurance. When I was in school for a very long period of time I did not have health insurance. Ironically, I was getting my masters in public health. So definitely, get more Americans covered with affordable health insurance.”

Mark Peysakhovich

“In the health care field, we would love to see Sen. Obama, or any other candidate for that matter, provide health care to everybody that needs it. It’s unfortunate that the people who are the healthiest can afford the best health care, and the people who need health care the most can’t afford it. Personally, I would like to see more health care availability and the disparities eliminated – and not just talk about it but doing it.”

Warren Pearson Sr

“Better health care for the elderly whereby they don’t have to go through the process of taking so long to get medication. This is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Then, the issue of people who can not afford to pay for medication truly needs to be addressed. They should come up with a plan where it won’t cost as much for any individual who is in poverty. That is a issue with me. That’s truly what I’d like to see him address.”

Walter Elmore

“I guess I would like to see better provisions for prescriptions, especially for the elderly. I think that the high cost for prescriptions puts a strain on the economy. But because they won’t do anything about the cost, that puts a strain on the government and a strain on us.”

Kathleen Dessimoz

“The changes I would like to see is to ensure that all services of any type of health care are offered to anybody of any economic status. No one would be turned away from health care, especially grandparents and grandchildren. I work with ChildServ and we provide services, particularly to grandparents raising grandchildren.”

Deborah Williams

“I believe that for the next president of the United States, I’m all for them putting more money into the veteran’s health care program. They went and fought for this country and they should be able to get the best care we have offer. I’m also an advocate for universal health care for all. Everyone should be able to see a doctor and should not lose all their assets in the process of getting health care.”