A double standard by the Feds?

Okay, I am mixed up [Feds request zoning records from Carothers, Feb. 21]. As the recent Chicago Tribune articles elucidate, and has been known by me and others for ages, Chicago alderman are regularly taking campaign money coincident with zoning changes. I filed a complaint with the city’s ethics department about a former alderman taking money from a developer over a requested zoning change. The ethics department wrote me back a letter saying, basically, that it was fine and dandy for an alderman to take this money. So now, why is this one black alderman on the spot for doing the same thing as all these other hooligans?

Sue Basko
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Thank you, KIPP

I really love KIPP [KIPP leader eyes educational inequality, Feb. 21]. Actually, my daughter is one the first graduating class of 2007 of KIPP on Chicago’s West Side. Your teachers taught her so much and I commend them for that. She’s an honor student at Pritzker College Prep High School, and we thank you for all the help that you gave.

Constance Babbs
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CAN-TV should exercise stricter control

I am writing this letter as a respectable citizen and viewer of CAN-TV concerning its programming that currently airs after hours. The following programs should be considered taken off the air. They include: Stephen Patterson Presents, Diva’s Cabaret, TAKEOVER TV, Behind The Penis, Tha Shizzno Ya Digg, Raw Magazine TV, and other shows. I was shocked to find these, as well as many other CAN-TV shows contain sexually explicit material, very graphic language and soft-core pornography:

CAN-TV gives parental advisory warnings to viewers before these shows. However, CAN-TV is designed for community programming and informing the community throughout the city only. Therefore, shows that were mentioned above do not belong on CAN-TV at all. These programs should be considered an NC-17 or MA (Mature Audience) rating for viewers. There are teens who are watching these programs that contain violence and sexual acts.

CAN-TV should also consider a seven-second delay on all programming, including live in-studio programs, or consider having an uncensored CAN-TV channel separate from the other programs. Recently, someone called during a live in-studio show and said an expletive. This show was encouraging teens and young adults to vote. Unfortunately, the co-host did not handle the situation well. There is too much latitude on CAN-TV, the same station that airs aldermanic talk shows as well as local mayoral and governmental programming.

Roman Morrow
Concerned viewer and Citizen

An inspiration to our youth

I am proud of my relatives, the Sandifers [Chicago West Community Music Center presents…, Feb. 14]. What an inspiration of music shared with such talented young people. It is wonderful to hear great things from our youth. God bless the continued success.

Shirley Sandifer-McIntosh
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Much appreciation

Thanks for the informative article [Black History Month: A black man chose February, Feb. 14].

Wendy Park
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