Jibril Ramsey

“One of my favorites is Sojouner Truth. She helped fight slavery and helped slaves become free. She had a real hard life being sold to different slave owners, but she managed to survive. She had five children, but could not take all of them when she left her last slave owner. I admire her strength and how she continued to fight for freedom.”

Monier Walker-Bunton

“My mom (Soncirae Perry) is my favorite black history. She continues to pave the way for me to be successful, no matter what. She has taught me to ignore stereotypes and to be above racism. She continues to be inspire me to work hard and persevere. She has shown me what a strong black educated woman looks like. I emulate her to the fullest. Her eloquence motivates me to continue to attain my goals and stay on top of my game.”

Mark Hall

“One of my favorites is Barack Obama because he’s right now running for president. Some time ago there were different things for blacks and whites. They could not use the same restrooms and had different schools. When I grow up I could probably do what he’s doing now.”

Quverius Clayton

“One of my favorite people in black history is Malcolm X. He use to do all types of bad things. But when he was in jail he learned a lot of things and turned his life around. When he would make speeches everyone wanted to follow him and hear what he had to say.”

Malik Barnhart

“One of my favorite figures is my grandma (Joyce Lomax). She’s one of the best because as I was growing up she taught me lots of things. She told me things about black history and the good people who led things. She helped people from around her block who needed help. She would fix dinners for them. When I was growing up I wanted to be just like her, even though she is a woman. But she always helped me. I always wanted to help people as I grow up and be a leader like she was. If I had a second favorite I would pick Muhammad Ali – he was a great boxer. I had a cousin who passed away, but he had lots of pictures of him, and I was thinking, maybe, I could be just like him – heavy weight champion.”

Karena Towers

“My favorite person is Harriet Tubman because she helped stop slavery. She helped other people who didn’t want to leave slavery because they thought they would get caught. I think she was one of the people who helped the most slaves get free.”

Mariah Pitts-Wright

“I have actually two African-Americans. I looked up to Lorraine Hansberry. She is a very famous playwright, and as an eighth grade student here, I’m a writer. She inspires me because her play ‘A Raisin in the Sun,’ and several other plays, actually paved the way for many writing opportunities that African Americans have today. And my second one is Coretta Scott King. As you know, behind every great man there is a strong black woman. I do not think Martin Luther King could have gotten anywhere without the support that only a wife could provide.”

Lamarr Ousley

“My black history figure is Ruby Bridges because she was a girl who went to school even though the white people didn’t want her to go. Her mom did not want her to get a bad education. She was taken to school by police in New Orleans while white people yelled at her and called her names.”