Brittaney Hicks

“I don’t think the ‘N’ word is ever appropriate for anybody to say. Anybody can be the ‘N’ word because that is an ignorant person-it’s not just a black person.”

Charlene Bailey

“I think the word is one of those words used strictly in black households and the black community. When you get all of these younger black people who don’t know about our struggles, they chose to take what went on in our community outside to the rest of the world. They do so not understanding the hurt that this word has done to many people.”

Immani Harris

“My personal opinion; I really don’t think that the ‘N’ word is an appropriate word to say because I don’t hear my older adults or family saying that.”

Brandie Hayes

“I don’t think the ‘N’ is appropriate because that is not the right word to say for any person. It is not a nice word for anyone to say.”

Maya Roberson

“It is inappropriate to use the ‘N’. It was a derogatory term used back in slavery time. Yes, it’s said in the community now but it is still wrong to say it because you are degrading the people that you are seem with.”

Serena Sellers

“It is not appropriate language because none of my elders say it, so I don’t say it.”

Jamia Bailey

“We should not be saying it because, way, way back when we were all slaves it was a name for the black people. I think it should be banned and we should not be allowed to say this anymore.

Betty Jean Housley

“It is never acceptable to use the ‘N’ word, although we kind of use it in our culture all the time. But if somebody else said it to us, it would be inappropriate. So it should be inappropriate for us to use it toward each other.”